Fe Brand Films
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What We Do

What We Do

Story. Content. Impact. Fe Brand Films works alongside both clients and agencies to move ideas forward. From strategy to script and from script to screen, we love working with clients, we listen more than we speak, and we research - a lot - making this process a whole lot easier for everyone involved. Here's how it works:

1. Discovery Session

Establish a clear voice for your brand film. Is it creative, informed, emotional, humorous? Together, we define a clear marketing message, and back your campaign with a story to connect with your audience. This does wonders for narrowing focus, generating content, and defining your vision. It's a fast and easy process that produces great results for your brand campaign. 

2. Script & development

The team transforms the discovery session into script and storyboard format. We tend to deliver more than one concept, it all depends on the deadline and preference of the client or agency. This process is about defining the story/concept in your film and creating captivating visuals. The idea is everything. A number of considerations like budget and schedule also play into this process, however, our driving factor begins with a brilliant story.

3. production 

We are a boutique production company. Development, pre-production, story, crew, equipment, graphics, and animation, and more are at our fingertips. The bulk of the work is in the script and development process. Therefore, production turnaround is quick. We are eager to create with you and will bring the best script to life before your eyes, frame by frame.


The editing process is where the magic happens. We strip away all the excess until the most succinct story remains. We love creative storytelling and we create the final product with you. The addition of visual effects, graphics, music and sound design polish the visual story into a dynamic finished video. Your brand film is complete. 

“If you have a business, an organization, a campaign, or just about anything you’re trying to promote, I can’t recommend Fe Brand Films enough. Professional, creative, and wonderful to work with. They’re most definitely my new go-to for all things video and promotion.”
— Autumn Rain, Brave New World Comics

I just wanted to let you know that I received my first listing from a couple specifically, just because of our YouTube video. They said, they didn’t have to interview any other agents, they were SOLD! So thank you very much!
— Theresa Robledo, Diamond Realty