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Los Angeles based director and screenwriter.

After developing an original screenplay, Felicia committed to a full fledged career in film. Her passion for film began with a love for reading and writing, making content and a compelling story the driving force in her work today. At the age of 13, she became one of the youngest directors and camera operators for a live television broadcast airing on networks nationwide.

Felicia’s creative juices deepened with an internship at KTLA studios where she quickly grew comfortable on set. She developed and pitched original cartoon series, Fe Bandana, to Executives at Nickelodeon Animation in 2013. This led to the creation of independent production company, Fe Bandana Pictures.

She wrote and directed short film, Rite of Passage, in 2014, managing a guerrilla crew of 15 with production completed within budget and ahead of schedule. Felicia is a fan of human-interest topics, emotion, character, compelling music, and cinematic aesthetics. A crew is easy to find, however, a powerful idea is not. She believes the foundation of an impactful story begins with the writing.

Now the founder of Fe Brand Films, a commercial production company focused on brand experiences through powerful storytelling, Felicia works alongside agencies and clients to create content driven brand films. Felicia is a passionate problem solver and people person. Chances are if you are in the same room, you will not miss her. Always ready to learn, she has surrounded herself with industry veterans to continuously sharpen her skills.

She is self taught in film and currently pitching original screenplay, The Junkie, where she plans to make her feature length directorial debut.


                                         Strategy:                                    Production:                                   Services:                 

                                         Content Strategy                        Film Production                             Commercial
                                         Story Development                      Post-Production                            Branded Content
                                         Campaign Strategy                      Script Writing                                Short Film/Doc
                                         Digital Advertising                       Animation                                     Online Video  
                                         Copywriting                                 Graphics                                       Photography